in:Flux Architecture, a Beijing based group of architects and designers, operates architectural and urban practices based on rigorous analysis and study of the evolving human society and changing lifestyle. This firm was founded in 2013, and has involved in a large number of projects ranging from cultural, residential and office buildings to urban design and the renovation of old buildings in China. The founder, Chien-ho Hsu (AIA, LEED AP), also lectures in forums and academic organizations. Due to the impact of dynamic culture exchange, rapid urbanization, global economical flows and new communication technologies, successful architectural solutions and urban organizing have to be attained through exploring of the details in all dimensions of space, structure, material, economic and environment, in order to build a integrated user experience including comprehension of the innovative modern world and the cultural heritage. It is our belief that the future of architecture, as one of the pillars for people's daily activities, shall esteem the existing fabric of urban space and meet the challenges of rapid growth, and the architects have to work practically beyond the petrifying conception of space and form.